Indinero: Your Small Business Accountant

Your small business is running smoothly. You’re attracting customers. Word-of-mouth and social media is bringing in sales. Your website is on point. The only problem is, you haven’t a clue how to manage and keep track of the money you’re making. You’re not really sure how much money you’re really raking in because you haven’t taken your expenses into account. You feel like business is booming, but you’re having a hard time figuring out your bottom line.

Indinero is a real-time financial dashboard that should help you get your money in order. Backed by Y-Combinator, Indinero wants to be the for small business, making it simple for you to manage your businesses money. Other solutions like Quickbooks are often so confusing that you might consider hiring a professional just to run it. Darcy xero services want to help you handle your accounting bookkeeping without you having to learn accounting.

“inDinero helps business owners monitor the financial health of their companies. Most small business owners hate the idea of learning accounting software, so we’ve created a solution that’s easy for anyone to use.

In less than 5 minutes, you’ll know precisely how much you’re earning, spending, what your cash situation looks like, and more. Since inDinero understand your spending, we can also remind you of upcoming bills to pay, and warn you about low balances and unusual account activity. inDinero works for your business, and is a new approach to business finance.”

Indinero, just like Mint, uses Yodlee to allow businesses to connect their bank and credit card account information to financial institutions. Georgia,  an accountant in Loveland, explains that, while it seems like the goal is to get rid of your accountant, this isn’t actually the case. Indinero will help you stay on the same page as your accountant, allowing you to watch your money and make decisions in real-time, while allowing direct export to Quickbooks for your accountant to go over later. That will make your life easier, as well as the Advance Systems software, serving the same purpose.

The real goal here is to make your business more agile while giving you a better idea of how certain decisions will affect your cash flow. Your trusted accountants Bundaberg can come in later and handle all the details, but Indinero will give you the basics you need to run your business with confidence.