LeBron James Trending on Twitter

Lebron James is a free agent and Twitter is buzzing with speculation as to what will happen. The attention this is getting on Twitter has many users wishing it would stop, while others point out that the Lakers are going to three-peat anyway, so his choice is irrelevant. Even Conan chimed in to give his take on Lebron James, saying “I don’t care where Lebron James ends up…as long as it’s not at 11pm on TBS.”

Lebron has already met with the Nets and has plans to meet with the Knicks this afternoon. This meeting has been confirmed on Twitter by @thenyknicks.

Nets billionaire owner Mikhail Prokhorov, rap mogul Jay-Z, coach Avery Johnson and other team officials spent more than 90 minutes making a presentation on Thursday to James, the two-time MVP and budding global icon who became the most celebrated free agent in history at 12:01 a.m. via MSNBC

The launch date for LeBronJames.com is nearing. This site is to serv as his online home and it’s likely the site will go live once LeBron has chosen a home team. For now, you can go to the site and sign up to catch the latest updates. Maybe he will announce his choice via SMS.

ESPN has actually launched a site devoted to tracking LeBron. The aptly-named LeBron Tracker has all the LeBron news you could shake a stick at. Including Podcasts, gear, polls, news, and a free agent slot machine to help you guess which players are going where.

Expect to see more of LeBron all over Twitter in the next few days. He still has upcoming meetings with the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls on Friday. The Cavs will talk to James on Saturday. It’s speculated that LeBron will announce his final decision on Monday, July 5th. Let’s just hope he doesn’t deliver his announcement alongside Justin Beiber at a Twilight screening and completely break Twitter forever.