Lebron Will Make Announcement Tonight in Connecticut

We still don’t know what King James will do, but it’s coming down to the wire and reports say Lebron may make his announcement by the end of the day. For the last 7 days, Lebron’s free agent status has had the media and social media buzzing. Early in the week, we promised you as much when his name started trending on Twitter.

Since then, it hasn’t stopped. The NBA even used Lebron’s Twitter popularity to drive traffic to their website by purchasing the promoted trend for his name. Their promoted trend kept Lebron in the spotlight and used a promoted tweet in the search results. Later, The King himself even joined Twitter.

Of course, speculation abounds. Many are absolutely positive that Lebron will end up with the Heat. This is where both Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, who announced his decision via YouTube, have chosen to play. Along the same lines, others swear he’s going to the Knicks, which gives him the largest stage to perform on. The team that made him, the Cavaliers, are pretty sure he’s not leaving them. In a tweet directed at Lebron from Amar’e Stoudemire, he says: Come join me @Amareisreal in NY, we can do something really special. “Oh, let’s do it”!!

While former Suns teammate of Amar’e Stoudemire, Jared Dudley only averages 8 points a game, a tweet he sent off actually raised MSG’s stock. In the tweet, Jared said “Breaking News!!! My sources tell me Lebron will announce that he will be goin to the NY Knicks tomorrow on ESPN.. this is serious.. WOW!!!”

Madison Square Garden’s stock price (MSG) jumped 6.4% on the speculation that James would be headed east. Volume of the shares traded at five times the daily average to close at $21.57 a share. And after-hours trading bumped it even higher, to $22.14. via LaTimes

Lebron to the Knicks was also mentioned by DeJuan Blair of the San Antonio Spurs, who said “Lebron to the Knicks watch!!!!! Shhhhhhhhhh!” Jay Williams agrees with Dudley and DeJuan, tweeting: “I am going to say this. I just heard from a little bird in his camp, King James and Spike Lee will be seeing a lot of each other next yr.”

The facts are that ESPN has booked the Boys and Girls club of Greenwich, Conn from 7-10pm tonight, just a short drive from Knicks training facility in Greenburgh, NY. ESPN has confirmed that this is where Lebron will make his final announcement, at 9pm. You can be sure Twitter will be on fire tonight. Stay tuned to Black Web 2.0 for the latest.