Tech Week in Review 7-2-2010

Androids Continue to Multiply

Even though the iPhone 4 is taking much of the spotlight since it’s release last month, the Evo 4G has actually held its own against the established Apple device. Even still, it looks like Android devices roll in packs. Shortly after the iPhone 4, we learned about the Droid X from Verizon, which seems about as powerful as the Evo. Samsung is also dropping 4 new Android devices that will available on all four major US carriers.

Foursquare Gets a Gang of Funding and Patches Holes

It seems like privacy breaches are all the rage these days. White Hat Jesper Andersen found a privacy glitch within the Foursquare system that allowed access to private check-ins. The bug involved the pages for each venue, where people who checked in recently are shown in a grid. Even the faces of those with private accounts were showing up. It seems this bug was simply overlooked as Foursquare grew, but has been fixed at this time.

It seems this story was completely overshadowed by the fact that Foursquare secured Series B Funding of $20 million. This after they almost sold to Facebook. Remaining independent should keep things exciting for Foursquare and it’s growing base of users.

Amazon Acquires Woot

The one day one deal site with the quirky sense of humor, Woot, was acquired by Amazon for rumored $110 million in cold hard cash. Woot will continue to operate as usual, but under the Amazon umbrella along with Zappos and Audible. Woot paved the way for sites like Groupon and Gilt. In a letter to his employees, CEO Matt Rutledge says, “For Woot, our vision remains the same: somehow earning a living on snarky commentary and junk.”

Best Buy Goes After Evo 4G vs. iPhone Video Creator

Did you catch that Evo 4G vs. iPhone video? It’s absolutely hilarious and has been making the rounds for a little while, now. The problem is that Best Buy is not too happy about the video, which might possibly make some iPhone customers look bad and adversely effect Best Buy’s brand. The catch is that Best Buy is never mentioned or displayed in the video in any way. Even so, the creator of the video (who happens to sell mobile phones at Best Buy) may be losing his job over this. Best Buy was able to connect the dots based on other unrelated videos on the guy’s account. Bad move, Best Buy. This had nothing to do with you. Now, let’s all watch together and imagine it takes place inside of Best Buy with a Best Buy employee instead of in a random open field with two cartoon characters.