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If you’re a bodybuilder or life weights as part of your training at all, you’ve probably run into It has a wealth of information related to lifting weights, nutrition, fitness, and more. They have a community of about 2 million and provide methods for tracking every aspect of your training journey. Now, you can install the app on your mobile device to make reaching your goals even easier.

With the FREE app, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android users have constant access to the world’s largest online health and fitness network (BodySpace) and complete, detailed instruction on all your favorite exercises.

Its BodySpace in the palm of your hand. Its a community of fitness support, on demand. Stay connected, motivated, and inspired with non-stop access to your profile

It’s a great compliment to the JEFit application that I use during my workouts and provides nice graphs and charts for tracking your body and lifting stats. Also it helped me to find this site, which now I use like my personal instruction in using bodybuilding supplement.

Of course, if you join or are already a member, make sure you add me: