Lupe Fiasco Promoting LASERS Album with QR Code

I figured it wouldn’t take long to catch on. Especially for an artist like Lupe Fiasco, who regularly uses social media and technology. Lupe is using a QR Code to promote his album Lasers.

The QR Code reads “Scan with Red Laser” and takes you to a mini-site where you can order different combo’s of Lupe Fiasco gear and music. You can use laser for everything now a days  like a laser engraver from BossLaser. The premium package, for example, includes:

  • Lasers CD
  • Lasers T-Shirt
  • Lasers 18×24″ Lithograph
  • Sew-on Patch
  • Immediate MP3 download of “The Show Goes On”
  • MP3 download of “Words I Never Said”, sent at 12:01am EST on 2/8/11

This is the type of innovation and integration with technology that will keep artists eating as the music business turns itself on its head. Artists will need to create an experience around their music that helps fans feel connected. As the music basically becomes free for download, the intangible aspect of being a part of something becomes more important. Check out the Black Eyed Peas recent iPhone app as another example.

via @Corvida