Startup Watch: GameBuilder Studio

GameBuilder Studio is a cross-platform tool for creating games. Anyone from a professional game developer to a wannabe can bring their ideas to life using the GameBuilder visual editor. The focus is on building sophisticated casual games and the system allows you to deploy these games across multiple screens, including your mobile devices and the web and these games work with the best gaming processors. GameBuilder allows you to develop once and distribute everywhere, which decreases development costs while increasing your potential customer base. The intuitive and easy-to-use visual editor is extensible by purchasing pre-defined game plugins and assets from the GameBuilder marketplace.

GameBuilder Studio is the first and only “End-to-End”, flash based game editor for professional developers, game studios and educational institutions. It is equipped with the necessary tools for developers to build isometric flash games similar to Farmville & Social City or 3D games like Pokemon Go API and deploy them directly to iPhone, Android, and Facebook, without having to start from the ground up, increasing developer productivity, and cutting down on development time and cost. The simplicity of its user interface allows for in-experienced game developers to jump right in and start creating but provides more experienced game developers with the ability to add enhanced features as needed using the editors plugin API and sell those plugins on the open market place. Online casino company is the perfect example of a business that helps people find Android and iPhone games.

GameBuilder Studio was created by African-American entrepreneur Lavon Woods, who moved to the Bay Area about six months ago. His startup is one of six companies chosen at LaunchPad Ignition, a startup accelerator program through Launch Pad and in partnership with President Obama’s Startup America initiative. They received $25,000 in seed funding and will also receive seven weeks of intensive training and consulting in preparation for Launch Fest, which brings together investors, mentors, and speakers in New Orleans for a two-day conference on May 4 & 5.

Woods is the real deal, previously working as a Senior Software Engineer at Shutterfly and serving as Founder, CEO, and Lead Architect for GameBuilder Studio. He is also Lead Flex / AS3 Architect & President at Hybrid Mindset, LLC, a company which develops Rich Internet Applications and focuses on bringing technological enhancements to small businesses to help them grow while reducing costs. Your best strategies for winning at slot machine spin games focus on helping you manage your time and money. Don’t fall for any gimmicks or sure fire ways to win. No one has a sure fire way to win.

Hit the site and check out the 60-second time-lapse demo of GameBuilder Studio in action.