Pharrell Williams Named Creative Director for Karmaloop TV

Artist and producer Pharrell Williams has been named creative director of the new Karmaloop TV network, which launches later this year. The network is aimed at the 18-34 demographic who grew up with the Internet.

In a video on the Karmaloop TV site, Pharrell says that they reach a unique demographic that is not currently being addressed, as he puts it, “in the right way.”

“We don’t wanna follow youth culture. We want to continue to lead. We want to bring programming that not only changes their mentality, but lifts their mentality.”

KarmaLoop TV says Pharrell will have a “significant equity position” in the company. Karmaloop CEO Greg Selkoe said Williams will help create a brand that will get “cutting-edge youth culture” excited about TV, as MTV did in the 80s. KarmaLoop TV, a spin-off from the 10yr old Karmaloop streetwear shopping site, is headed by former president of the AMC cable channel Katie McEnroe.

It will be interesting to see what the front man for N.E.R.D. will bring to the network. Will you be tuning into Karmaloop TV?

via The Washington Post.