Tech Week in Review 5-6-2011

Apple Updates iMac. Adds Thunderbolt and Next Gen Quad-Core Processors

After Apple shut down their online store for a while, many assumed it was in anticipation of an iMac refresh. Those rumors turned out to be dead on. Pricing for the new iMac start at $1,199 for a 21.5″ model with a shiny new 2.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor and 3x faster graphics. These new iMacs also feature a Thunderbolt port and a FaceTime HD camera. Shipping time is 24 hours. The basic all-in-one design is the same, but these bad boys are now packing some serious heat.

via Engadget

Google Chrome Supports It Gets Better Project

The Google Chrome team is doing their part to reinvigorate the It Gets Better Project, which has been around since last September. A few weeks ago, a video circulated featuring Apple employees sharing personal message for the project. Now, the Google Chrome team has done a similar video. This is not the first time Google has taken part in the project, as several Googlers were featured in a video back in October. Even Obama has done his part to support the It Gets Better Project in a video.

via TechCrunch

Sprint + Google Voice Integration Rolls Out

Sprint and Google are finally rolling out integration with Google Voice. This allows you to route your calls through Google Voice using your Sprint number or a Google Voice number. Very convenient, but many are having serious issues. Some Google Voice accounts have become completely crippled. Many are not able to activate the GV account with Sprint at all.

Some international calls are not being routed through Google Voice, resulting in serious fees. At least one user tried to deactivate the integration and now, when he makes calls via Google Voice, the person he is calling ends up in his voicemail with full access. Google Voice has been my primary phone number for over a year now and I haven’t had any problems since integrating with Sprint, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed and knocking on wood.

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