Hyper-Gate is Social Media Management PLUS


Hyper-Gate is a Brooklyn-based IT Services, Software Development, and Social Media Management company composed primarily of Latino and African-American shareholders. Their business is geared towards African-American and Latino brands.

Hyper-Gate does what they call an Optimized Business Branding process, registering businesses in 300+ Social Networks, 300+Business Listings, and search engines. Once the basics are done, Hyper-Gate maintains, manages, develops and distributes content for your brand on a daily basis. This allows small businesses to focus on their core products and services while Hyper-Gate keeps their brand competitive on the social media side.

Social media has transformed the way we do business today. The prizes have been huge for those businesses that have harnessed the power of social media. Successfully managing your social media presence can be very time-consuming and quite often requires the use of full-time staff, who in our experience are quite often not the most ‘trained’ Social Media Managers.

Hyper-Gate is the technical arm of Nuyorican Media Corp., combining Education, IT and Business Consultants to customize services for businesses. Founder of Nuyorican Media Corp. Miguel Algarin is known for his work as the Founder of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, which has long stood as “a beacon for emerging poets, hip hop mavens, musicians, visual adventurists, and sonic/visual artists of virtually every other stripe.” Algarin is also the subject of the The Miguel Algarin Story. Executive Producer and Director Will Roberson, also President of Diggin 4 Brown Films says:

“The golden years of Algarin’s life are no Shakespearian sonnet. A better comparison would be a full-on slam (body, not poetry), as Algarin labors to get on the same page again with the landmark club he founded, keep his home, and manage his HIV+ status. The result is a documentary in progress that’s also a race against time.” — SonicScoop

Umar Bin Hassan of the Last Poets introduced the production team from Diggin4Brown to produce “The Miguel Algarin Story”. Hyper-Gate CTO Anton Prakash is a six sigma blackbelt and former General Electric IT manager. Robin Benton is the Hyper-Gate designer and Miguel’s business partner along with Mirta Serrano, Roy Skodnick, and John Howard Algarin Esq.

Designed to lend Social Media and IT support for Latino and African-American business (B2B), Hyper-Gate will work closely with business owners as Ambassadors for their Brand. Check out the video below for more info on Hyper-Tech. You can also connect with Hyper-Gate on Facebook.