Amazon Giving Away Lady Gaga’s New Album to Promote Cloud Player

Well, it’s not actually free, but you probably have 99 cents knocking around under your couch cushions. Why so cheap? To get more users for their shiny new Cloud Player storage locker.

Lady Gaga Fan? Cop the album here and store it for free in the cloud. Play it on your mobile device or from your browser without ever having to actually download it.

Check out the details at AllThingsD, where they Peter Kafka goes into detail about the love-hate relationship between Amazon’s Cloud Player and the music industry.

Did You Get Your 20GB of Free Music Storage on Amazon Yet?

As you may know, Amazon has introduced a new service called Amazon Cloud Player. This lets you upload and play your personal music collection from any supported web browser or on your Android mobile device. You can also purchase your MP3’s from Amazon and store them in your Cloud Player and it doesn’t count against your allowed storage.

Right now, you can sign up for CloudPlayer and get 5GB of online storage for free. Not much for you extreme collectors out there, but quite a bit for the average person. No worries, though. Amazon is running a promotion that will give you an additional 15GB of storage just by purchasing an MP3 album from the MP3 Store. Any old album will do and you end up with 20GB of cloud storage for your music.

I got mine by purchasing The 99 Most Essential Relaxing Classics [Amazon Exclusive]. At the time, it was $0.99. Lucky me, right? Anyway, there are still some great deals in the store that will qualify you for your own 20GB of cloud storage. Here are a few areas to check out: