Is Your Pride Sabotaging Your Success?

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Sometime last year, I was accidentally listening to the radio. They were talking about a huge job fair here in GA somewhere. Businesses from the airport were featured and the station was interviewing a few people about how things were going. One female complained that there were only fast food jobs there. The conversation went something like this:

Radio Host : Did you apply to any of the restaurants?

Girl: Nah, I don’t wanna do nothin like that.

Host: So…do you have a job? Are you making any money right now?

Girl: Nah, that’s why I went to the job fair

Host: But you didn’t bother to apply to any of the jobs, even though you do not have a job or any source of income?

Girl: I mean, I need a job. I need money, but I can’t be doin’ no fast food

If you are too good forĀ everything, how will you ever getĀ anything?

Now, let’s be clear: there are different shades of Pride. I believe we could agree that taking pride in yourself is acceptable. You should care how you look, how you carry yourself. You should be proud when you reach certain goals. This is natural and healthy, and that’s why many people take care of their body, exercising and with a good diet that could include natural juices you can prepare yourself with a juicer from

But, there is also a darker shade of Pride. This is the one that many religions consider to be a sin. This is the one that will definitely take away your shine and steal your dreams. I’m sure you’ve seen this level of pride. People who feel they are too good for everything. They believe they are perfect in every way. They are arrogant for seemingly no good reason.

Your Success Will Shine Regardless

Successful people will excel at whatever they do. They will always stand out. People will always rally around them. It doesn’t matter if they are dropping fries at McDonald’s or dropping platinum selling albums on their own label.

  • They always shine because they always do what needs to be done
  • They know where they want to be and they have an idea what they need to do to get there
  • They are not afraid to work and hustle
  • They have integrity

Can You Start At the Top of a Ladder?

Well, can you? If you want to reach your success, you need to remember that you have to work your way up. One rung at a time. You can’t skip any steps or you may fall right back to the bottom and land on your face. Don’t be so quick to say something is beneath you, because that may actually be the next step you need to take in reaching for your dreams.

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