Mozy Kills the Unlimited Backup Plan

It seems Mozy has realized that offering unlimited backup for $5/month just isn’t good business anymore. The unlimited plan is dead and tiered pricing has taken it’s place. It’s seems many users are upset, but the change seems logical. Times have changed since Mozy started doing backup in 2006. Everyone and their grandma is capturing photos and video. In many cases, the video is in HD, as high megapixel cameras are cheap and most phones can record HD.

They have removed the unlimited plan and will give you 50GB of storage for $5.99/month. According to Mozy, this will cover a majority of their userbase. You can add 20GB for $2/month. This plan covers 1 computer. For $9.99/month, you can get 125GB and backup 3 computers. Each additional computer is $2/month.

The new pricing takes effect immediately for new customers. Existing customers have until March 1, 2011. Also, existing customers will be allowed to keep their unlimited backup plans for the duration of their current monthly, annual, or biennial plans, and will migrate to a new plan at the end of the term. If you re-up on an annual or biennial plan, you get an additional free month.

Of course, there is always the 2GB free plan, which I’ve been using for quite some time now. Mozy’s referral program can get you some additional space for adding friends and family. Lifehacker also provides some Mozy alternatives if the new plans are just too much for you.

via New MozyHome Plans