Red Monkey Jeans

I haven’t got a new pair of jeans since…well…I don’t even remember when, so it’s great to finally get a fresh new pair of Red Monkey Jeans. They have some cool little designs on the back pockets and left-front pocket and feel pretty good. Quality seems up-to-par for a pair of $800 jeans and the gold buttons just add a little extra flair, although I have no clue who is ever gonna know I have gold buttons on my fly. I was also told by the distributor that I have to remove these buttons if I decide to wash the jeans, but who washes jeans anyway, right?

Red Monkey Jeans are apparently one of the hottest and fastest growing brands out there and, according to Google, they are highly sought after in the Southeast.

There are only 3 locations in the United States that sell these jeans. One was in Atlanta, but that distributor has since been revoked. The other 2 are in DC and LA. A new distributor has just been activated in NY as of a week or so ago. Bottom line here is: If you have purchased a pair of Red Monkey Jeans in a place that I have not named, they are fake and I hope you paid under $100.

There will be a new Atlanta distributor coming soon so check back for details. I will also be posting some pics of official Red Monkey Jeans and info on how to spot the fakes.