Please, I Can Has Firefox 3.0?

Please, I Can Has Firefox?

Firefox 3.0 was supposed to drop today. As you may recall, the Mozilla team wanted to break a download record with this release. I guess they promoted this contest a little too well because everybody and their Grandma decided to download it at the same time and the mozilla servers have yet to recover.

There are various convos on FriendFeed regarding this FAIL by Mozilla. (here is Scobel’s convo Firefox Down)

Thanks to Bwana Mcall, we have direct download links for Firefox 3.0 in another FriendFeed convo.

We also have a link to Watch the Mozilla guys live on Mogulus, which spurred this hilarious convo. Stefen Haden had me rolling with his comment.

Some people were not all happy with the communities heckling of Mozilla for their FAIL, but I think it’s all in good fun.


Just got this email from “Firefox Download Day” and the link actually worked. Probably just a fluke:

Today you’ll make history with Firefox

Are you ready to make history? Are you ready to set a World Record? Today is Download Day. To become part of the official Guinness World Record you must download Firefox 3 by 17:00 UTC on June 18, 2008, or roughly 24 hours from now.