Better Beta FriendFeed Greasemonkey Script Release

FriendFeed made the beta site available, but in doing so they broke all my Greasemonkey scripts. Better FriendFeed no longer works, Cleaner FriendFeed is broke, and a few others I was using. The only solution I could come up with to make sure I could still add custom tabs was to update my Better FriendFeed script.

Features in this release:

  • Add/Remove custom tabs (access any site inside of FriendFeed so you don’t have to leave it)
  • Cleaner FriendFeed support allows clearer color indicators for your comments and your friends’ comments, as well as making the text easier to read overall
  • Change the word “Like” to another word of your choosing so that you don’t feel bad about Liking bad stuff in your feed

Whenever this actually goes live, I’ll need to make a simple update to the script because it will only work on for now.

Download Better Beta FriendFeed

Update: My main man Andrew Trinh reminded me that you have to disable the Better FriendFeed script or it will clash with the Better Beta FriendFeed script  (thanks Andrew!)

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