An iPhone Case Won’t Help it Work Better, Will it?

Robert Scoble
Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

It amazes me how the most important and basic things can fly right under your radar. I recently had a colleague ask me what they should be doing to promote their content. What should they do to get their blog out there? How should they go about creating a presence on the web? They had researched their blogs PageRank, checked their backlinks, and tweaked their theme. They couldn’t figure out why people weren’t linking to them.

Does an iphone case improve the phone’s performance?

Seriously,  if you put a brand new case on your iphone, does it operate faster or become endowed with advanced features? I know this sounds moronic, but many of us have a totally different perspective when it comes to other areas of life. How do you figure tweaking your blog’s theme is going to get you backlinks or subscribers? Do you think looking at your traffic stats is going to get you some traffic?

Your value is measured more by what you say than anything else

Is getting a new iphone skin going to change the way your iphone works? Of course not. Just as dressing up your blog isn’t going to make people read it. The key is to change what’s inside the casing. Make the content more valuable. It’s been said over and over, but we still somehow forget it. Especially when it comes to social media and blogging, we have to remember that your value is measured more by what you say than anything else.

Look at Robert Scoble. He’s an average-looking guy with an average-looking blog. I’m pretty positive he knows that there are no iphone skins that will make his iphone work better. It’s also obvious that he knows what he says online is more important than what he looks like. He has a PR 7 blog and almost 50k followers on Twitter. People are obviously interested in what he has to say.

So, before you go spending hours tweaking the look of your blog, making sure you have all the hottest widgets, and installing all the latest plug-ins, take a look at what you’ve written there. Have you given your audience something to work with?

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