Xobni for Outlook 2010 Already Out

Xobni (that’s Inbox backwards) is the plugin for Outlook that provides super search abilities and social networking integration. Outlook 2010 is still in beta and it’s weeks before it will actually be ready for prime time, but Xobni has already released a version for you to play with. You can download Xobni 1.9.2, which is compatible with Outlook 2010. Of course, you’ll need Outlook 2010 beta also, download it here.

If you already use Xobni, simply upgrading to the Outlook 2010 beta should automagically download and install the new Xobni for you.

In addition to helping you search and find emails and contacts, Xobni also helps you find important bits located in your inbox. These include things like attachments, meetings, and links. This new version of Xobni is pretty much focused on being Office 2010 compatible, so there are only a few feature additions:

  • Outlook 2010 Compatibility: All features available in previous versions now working and optimized for Outlook 2010. 32bit and 64bit versions supported. New Quick-Access in the Ribbon.
  • Search when Xobni collapsed.
  • Show/Hide Xobni instantly.
  • Xobni Options always available: If multiple Outlook windows are open, Xobni can move from one to the other.
  • Users who are not “administrators” on their computers can now install Xobni. This is especially important in corporate environments.
  • Twitter profile images now show in business card area.
  • AutoSuggestions can be deleted from the compose screen.

Keep in mind that Xobni does have a premium level of service called Xobni Plus and some of the most interesting features are not available in the free version. These include stuff like advanced search, accessing your xobni contacts from the compose window, finding links you’ve exchanged with contacts, and locating calendar appointments. For more information on Xobni plus, check out the comparison on their website.

Xobni might seem anxious in releasing this new 2010 beta-compatible version, but it could be they’re feeling some pressure from competitors. Gist, a service that makes it simple to keep track of potential business collaborators, offers some very similar functionality to Xobni but with more social integration. Gist also has an Outlook plugin that seems to duplicate for free much of what Xobni is charging for. Or maybe Xobni is just trying to stay on top of their game.