AT&T Motorola Atrix 4G Now Available with Xoom to Follow

Arguable the two most anticipated products from Motorola, the Atrix 4G and the Xoom tablet will both be available very soon. Actually, you can grab the AT&T Motorola Atrix 4G right now for $149.99 at Amazon or Radioshack. Of course, Walmart has them for a mere $129. You can also buy directly from AT&T:

As expected, the privilege of buying direct from the carrier will set you back $199.99 with a two-year contract in the range of $39.99 per month for the Nation 450 on up to $69.99 for the Nation Unlimited with another $15 per month for a 200MB DataPlus plan or $45 per month for a Data Pro 4GB + tethering plan. via Engadget

Be sure to grab the laptop dock now with the $499 bundle or you will be stuck paying $499 for the dock separately. The Xoom has been seen rolling into Best Buy in anticipation for its Thursday launch. While Best Buy is pricing the Xoom at $800, Verizon is offering the Xoom for $600 along with a 2-year data plan. If you didn’t plan on opting for the $20/month for 1GB of 3G data, it may not be much of a discount, though.

Speaking of Best Buy, it looks like they have some mysterious Apple laptop SKU numbers showing up in their laptop discovery tool. As we reported yesterday, the rumor mill is on fire regarding a refresh of the Macbook pro line of laptops. Some retail stores have already received shipments that Apple says they are not allowed to talk about until the official announcement.

This seems to corroborate recent rumors of a MacBook Pro refresh coming next week, as do the $1,199, $1,499, $1,799, and $2,199 price points, all of which are presently occupied by current-gen 13- and 15-inch MBP variants. There is an additional $2,499 sticker for a laptop identified only as “New SKU I,” which presumably points to an upgrade to Apple’s 17-incher. via Engadget