My Thoughts on the Controversial HCG Diet

If you’ve read my bio, you know I’m a fitness coach and bodybuilder in addition to a tech geek. If health and fitness isn’t your thing, feel free to sit this one out. The web is buzzing about this “new” controversial diet based on a hormone called HCG. Without getting too technical, HCG is a

Android and iPhone Apps for

If you’re a bodybuilder or life weights as part of your training at all, you’ve probably run into It has a wealth of information related to lifting weights, nutrition, fitness, and more. They have a community of about 2 million and provide methods for tracking every aspect of your training journey. Now, you can

15 Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Stop Climate Change

Stopping global climate change when it comes to the individual simply boils down to going green. Any actions you can take that help prevent greenhouse gas emissions, physical waste, and wasted energy will help. Going green is really not as annoying as you might think and you don’t have to take things overboard to make

What Does My Workout Have To Do With Your Future?

I started lifting weights at the end of 2007. Since I was about a buck thirty-five soaking wet, I started off doing basic strength training programs using the best rowing machine. The idea is that you have to build a foundation before you start fine-tuning your physique. To be more specific, you can’t work on