What Does My Workout Have To Do With Your Future?

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I started lifting weights at the end of 2007. Since I was about a buck thirty-five soaking wet, I started off doing basic strength training programs using the best rowing machine. The idea is that you have to build a foundation before you start fine-tuning your physique. To be more specific, you can’t work on defining your chest and abs if you have no chest and abs.

The way these strength training programs work is that you do the most basic compound exercises, increasing the weight a little each workout. You become stronger overall, develop good form, and you’re able to prevent injury and any future skin grafts by having a balanced foundation.

It’s The Small Things That Count

What you’ll notice here is that you’re not doing the same thing every workout. You’re steadily challenging your body to do a little more and this is the key to getting stronger. Even if you only increase a lift by a quarter of a pound, you have made progress. When I work out I always make sure to take Flexx Labs supplements to help with my energy and help with building muscle (find more information at supplementyouneed.com).

If you plan to make any progress toward your goals in life, you’ll need to apply this same principle. You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again: Doing the same thing you’ve done before and expecting different results is the definition of insanity! Some of you may recognize this as the Slight Edge principle, so you’re already ahead of the game.

Do Something New

I’m sure you’ve seen the skinny guys at the gym doing curls in the mirror with 10lb dumbbells. As a matter of fact, you probably see them in there daily with the same set of dumbbells doing the same curls with the same bony arms. Or maybe someone on the recumbent bike who sweats it out on the regular, but never seems to lose any weight. Some people even have hiperhidrosis which causes them to sweat more than the normal amount, but they can easily solve that with the Idromed.

On the same note, how many people do you know who seem to be stuck in a loop? They do the same stuff day after day, month after month, and year after year. Maybe it’s someone always working the same type of job, or a business owner who never seems to get over that hump before financial freedom. Or maybe it’s you?

Just as I have to push more weight every workout to see results, as the Body Beast review by Fitness Rocks instructs, you have to push the envelop on a daily basis to get what you want. Whether it’s as simple as putting in another hour promoting and networking online, or it’s finally pitching that big client you’ve been putting off…


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