Sustainable business: Be economically driven

This is a guest post by Alia Haley

Many of the business leaders realize the fact that depending merely on advertisements alone cannot suffice for the brand building process. This is why new-age content focused sites like this utilizes affiliate marketing instead so you can create a drop shipping business from scratch and have success on it. However, entrepreneurs do not put much efforts of building the business brand which can sustain in difficult times of business, this is the reason why use digital signage should be a part of every business’s advertisement strategy. Therefore sustainable business is a new idea in the world of business, although it’s gaining popularity slowly and steadily in business circles. Still people find it an abstract or some call it a theoretical thing in business practices. The reason behind this story is because most of the businesses solely depend upon the external factors of brand building. The fact is efforts should be put forward in emphasizing upon the internal brand integration and activation process then only a proper sustainability for business is possible.

Sustainability is the last factor to follow: Generally what you will find in business today is the strategies for sustainability and marketing generally is considered the last choice for businessmen. This is, by the standards of YEAH! Local SEO, called a shotgun approach, wherein the businessmen think about the marketing somewhere after six months and then counts on factors like the sustainability in his or her business. The entrepreneurs at times misunderstand this idea and end up embarking with a plan wherein they try things like charity and community relation drives. However, sustainable business is neither the charity thing nor the marketing plan. It is basically the ideas to generate revenue in a consistent way. The entrepreneurs often misunderstand this idea and end up trying something weird and frustrating.

Ways of developing sustainable business: When you as a businessman want to have a sustainable business, you need to start doing it by inviting key players all across the unique value chain of your enterprise. Then you are required to identify and find opportunities to carry out business operations in such a way that you effectively use all the resources in the business creatively. When you have key players at such stages in a value chain you find out opportunities to design and implement plan for better sustainable business. Hence at the end of the day you get cost effective and creative strategies and remain economically driven. Speaking of business, checkout this service for central air conditioning unit replacement warranty.

Enhancing and developing the management system: The idea of sustainable business is still at nascent stage; however, it is gearing up in number of business places. At such point of time the entrepreneurs should incorporate this aspect at the policy level of the company or business. This will help implement it in a right way adopting this idea in their core principle of the business. For this you do not have to reinvent things, rather it comes through a couple of things like with cultural orientation, procedures, extensive refinements to systems procedures and practices.

In order to sustain in the business world and remain economically driven, it’s important that the businesses implement this idea the best. Though this still seems to be in its initial stages, however, things are changing with changing times. Certainly for every business implementing the sustainable business ideas would be different. Smaller ones would have some different idea than the bigger ones; however, with factors like perseverance, ingenuity and cooperation the desired result can be achieved. On a related note, if you are looking to start a business but worry about capital, know that you can avail of new loans for bad credit online. These agencies offer fast cash for individuals with negative or zero ratings, giving them a chance to redeem themselves financially and get started with earning.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of travelling. Recently she bought two Invicta Watches for herself. These days she is busy in writing an article on alternative energy sources.

Make Money: Even with no product and no website

This is a guest post by Alia Haley

Marketing techniques may not be your preferred tools and having your own website may seem too taxing but it is one of the best options. And you are not interested in selling a product you do not like! On many occasions, you have ample time (even if you already have a job) to spend constructively for handsome earnings. But resource crunch, lack of desired qualification, improper guideline, etc. pose a restriction in progressing in the desired path. There are many ways which can help you earn reasonably. If you can really browse hard and spend some quality time, you can find multiple opportunities, check this out for More Info.

There are various entities which pay you for what you do for them, irrespective of your marketing or professional skill. However, be prudent to verify the credibility of any individual/organization before joining hands with it. To make your job a little easier, here is an overview of certain options.


You can start your own blog easily and without spending anything. One such location is Blogger. No special skill, like web architecture or designing, is needed. Simply have your blog set up within minutes. But here, traffic is vital. Affiliate links help add to your income. You get paid for clicks on your advertisements. You need to choose an appealing subject. Write creatively to attract attention and take help from your friends. Another option once you get started is to have an adwords management services to help you build your network and make more money on each ad.

Connecting employers and employees

When you connect employers to employees, you get paid. There are several web sites which pay for networking. Payment can be at $50 and go beyond many thousand dollars. You can now get rewarded by indulging in the recruiting business without having to spend anything. Getting in touch with job seekers is quite easy these days. You may visit ReferEarns, WiseStepp and Zyoin, to name some. Broaden your networking to earn handsomely.

Resource hub

If you have expertise on a subject, exploit your skill to get paid. The web can be your resource for creating opportunities. Work on a topic to channelize its resources and create a hub. Traffic is not an issue with many good sites on the web to help. And with the help of a  marketing automation tool you get paid higher if you can work on your own. Examples are HubPages and Google Knol.


A twitter account can also be your tool for earning. You have to work on increasing your followers. There are different revenue scales for different number of followers. There is a web site Adly which can help you earn once you have more than 100 followers. When at Adly, you need to work on an offer. You may use the Buzzom in increasing your followers.


There are multiple categories of freelancing jobs which can be opted for. Some like copy writing, data entry, web designing, etc. are popular choices. Payment is done mainly on the numbers of hours you work or the assignment given to you.
Becoming a freelancer may seem a bit difficult initially. But once you establish a worthy portfolio, earning opportunities increase. Some of the web sites ask the applicants to qualify a test before hiring them. The flexible work environment is worth giving a try.

Providing buyers to sellers

You can work as a vital link between the buyers and suppliers of a product. Although not common, online referral can get you paid. The dealer can set the referral fee which gets paid on execution of a transaction. You get paid when the transaction happens. Individual sites may work in their own way. There may be another online merchant willing to pay for meetings and transactions.


Playing games can no more be a waste of time. If you have love for computer games, you may get cash rewards for playing video games online as many people do by becoming better at games as Overwatch with services from sites as You may look for opportunities in MSN Games and Gamesville.
The opportunities do not end here. You can find many more suited to your individual skill and need. However, be careful before jumping to any of the offers. Be careful and prudent in your search.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger who is fond of writing on tech help and most expensive gadgets. She is all into computers and in recent times she learnt a lot about software downloads and android on windows mobile. Recently she is busy in writing on Automotive Design and tattoo designs

Leads are Unproductive and a Waste of Time

Business folks put a lot of focus on leads and sales. Sales are important, that’s how you make money, but leads are usually pointless. Think about all the methods you’ve used to generate leads. They probably worked great for creating a list of random names and contact info, but how many sales did they lead you to?

Leads don’t mean sales. What you need are fans. Fans will buy whatever you put out just because it’s you. They think you are the best artist, writer, brand, blogger, leader, and software developer on the planet. Fans mean sales. When you need venture capital on your developing company, click this site for more information.

Instead of following the mantra that sales and marketing is a numbers game, try becoming valuable and visible. Instead of Always Be Closing, how about always be informative? Always be helpful? Always be real and keep it 100? (that’s “one hunnit”, for the uninitiated)

When you work to make yourself an asset instead of just an ass, people will seek you out. Instead of you asking for the sale, you may find them asking to be sold.

Your Article Marketing Strategy is Crap

Google has recently made some changes in how it ranks sites viewed as content farms. These are basically sites that publish crap content to target keywords for the sake of attracting eyeballs for ad revenue. If you want to achieve an increase in revenue safely and accurately, visit the Salesforce website to know more about their strategy called marketing automation.

Actually, they don’t create the content. You do. That’s why your article marketing strategy is crap.

Here is what it probably looks like:

  • Write a “quality” piece of content about your niche
  • Post it on every available site that will let you, possibly with minor changes
  • Include a link to some kind of landing page with each posting
  • Profit!

According to the successful Supple company, the key problem here lies in duplicating your content. Sure, you just got a crap ton of backlinks to whatever you’re promoting, but it’s no benefit to a user searching for a solution to see your article 17 times in the search results.

The solution? Kill all the sites hosting your duplicate content. From ezinearticles and Associated Content to and Hubpages, just about any place you’d think to use has received a mighty slap from the #1 search engine.

So, what should you do now? Stop trying to game the system. Don’t be a one-hitter quitter. Create a home on the web and post your content there. Look for organic ways to grow your presence like social media, guest posts, and just being awesome in your own right.

You should be building your brand as a leader and authority in your niche, not spinning your wheels trying to get a few backlinks.

via SearchEngine Land

Do You Act Different When the Boss is Around?


I have had many different types of jobs in many different fields, but there is one thing that remained consistent from job to job. The manager always acted all brand new when his boss showed up.

Suddenly, procedures we had been following at the managers request were “wrong” and the manager admonished us for doing things that way. Suddenly, the manager was deeply concerned about the fine details of the business. Suddenly, we weren’t moving fast enough, nothing was clean enough, we weren’t smiling hard enough or greeting customers enthusiastically enough.

Every time I see this, it makes me nauseous. A manager is supposed to be a leader. A leader who does things half-assed until the Boss comes around is no leader at all. They should be setting an example for their team to follow at all times. So much so, that their team follows their exemplary lead even when they aren’t around.

So, I ask you, do you act different when the boss is around, or do you uphold the same high standards and encourage your co-workers to do so even when the boss is away?

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Why You Should Be Using Foursquare For Your Business

4sq_mayor_nearbyA few days ago on Black Web 2.0, I covered the reasons why you should be using Foursquare for your business and briefly touched on the specific strategies involved. In addition to reading that post (linked below), you should take a look at this awesome slideshare presentation by Chris Breikss (President of 6S Marketing Inc.) I’ve embedded it below.

The key to leveraging Foursquare for your business lies in the way it promotes and advertises your business. A user visiting your venue on a regular basis can earn a Mayor badge for visiting more than other users. This is where the competition comes in and is only one example of the types of badges available. Not only is the user’s location broadcast on Foursquare, but users can link up both Twitter and Facebook. This increases the visibility of your business across the web.

via Why Should Your Business Be Using Foursquare? | Black Web 2.0 .

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Never Listen To Marketers About Social Media

BrickArms Army, Attention!

There is a serious scam going on in the social media world and I’m tired of seeing people get got. Marketing has come a long way, changed a lot, and still remained the same. The problem is that the pillars of the MLM community are fooling you with a false narrative. They want you to think that you will become a marketing powerhouse in social media with thousands of customers running after you, wallets out and purses open,  by simply following the steps in their latest e-book or whatever info product they’re slinging.

Don’t get me wrong, there are marketers out there that know what they’re talking about. You can tell they know what they’re talking about because the tech world recognizes them as equals. Not only are they skilled marketers, but their circles intersect with the people who help build and promote these new media tools.

It goes back to the question of , “Can you be a social media expert without being in social media?” The answer is, “Hell No!” If you aren’t in the trenches building your community and interacting with people, you cannot claim to know how to use this stuff.

The reason these MLM and Network Marketing gurus get such huge followings on all these social networking sites is that they already had huge followings to begin with. Look at how long some of these guys (and gals) have been around. Their tribe was built a long time ago. All they’ve done is leverage that tribe. A simple call to action to their existing mailing list and they’ve suddenly got 30,000 followers on Twitter. It’s that simple…for them.

You will never be able to duplicate this. There is nothing in anyone’s e-book or video series that changes that reality. You don’t have a standing army of customers. You are starting from scratch and you will have to put in the work to build your own community from the ground up. Anyone offering a magic shortcut to this end is blatantly lying you will waste a lot of time failing really slow if you buy into their crap.

Don’t believe me? Try and prove me wrong. I’ll wait…

…on second thought, I won’t. I’ve got better things to do.

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Are You The Crazy Person On The Train?

image via

A little while ago, I had a job interview downtown and decided to take the train. As I sat there looking out the window and listening to Day 26 on my iPod, I caught some erratic movement from the corner of my eye.

It was some poor soul who may have been begging for change, but was definitely making a lot of noise and carrying a pretty strong scent about him. I couldn’t really understand what he was saying as I promptly turned up my music, but I did notice how everyone else reacted.

Many people took a sudden interest in the stained and somewhat tattered carpeting. Others, forgetting this was the route they took daily, began staring out of the nearest window as if the train had suddenly taken flight into the stratosphere.

This man’s appearance immediately made me think of how some people treat social media. I’m sure that if any of these people could have immediately unfollowed this man and silenced his babbling, they would have. You can’t unfollow people in real life, though. This man had interrupted the normal flow of things. It made people feel uncomfortable and those he approached probably felt violated.

How many people have you seen on Twitter that produce just such a reaction from others? How often have you been scanning your Twitter stream and noticed an update that just stood out from the others? Maybe even one that made you wrinkle your nose in disgust and start hunting for the UNFOLLOW button. Maybe you’ve never noticed a tweet like that.

Maybe the crazy person on the train is You.

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The Key to Closing the Social Media Sale

Photo of the reverse side of the Key to the Ci...
Image via Wikipedia

Recently caught a post by one of my favorite bloggers, Steven Hodson over on Winextra Shooting Bubbles (gratz on the rebrand!). He was talking about The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of SEO and Marketers and how good white hat seo link building services are. The post basically covers how marketers jump into the social media space and flail around with no clue what they’re doing, all the while claiming to be “ninjas” and “experts.”

One particular section stood out to me because it’s the same exact line of thinking I’ve formed about marketing as it relates to social media:

You know who a successful marketer is?

It’s the person who you can talk with on Twitter or Friendfeed or by email and feel like you are having an actual conversation – not the target of a sales pitch or that you are riding trapped with them on an elevator. Sure you could be talking about product or service but the moment you throw out a buzzword or two you have crossed the line from being an interesting person to talk with to being just another marketing dreck.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Steven just gave you the key to the city if you’re trying to make money using social media. As a matter of fact, this same mentality works everywhere else.

I believe that every conversation ends in a sale. Problem is, nobody likes being sold or pressured. They would rather evaluate the situation and make a decision on their own.

How do you get someone to make the decision you need them to make?

This is such basic stuff that I’m surprised so few actually get it. You have to convince a potential client or customer that your product or service will benefit them or otherwise provide value. With standard sales, you’d go through a process like:

  • Engage – make an initial pleasant connection
  • Build Rapport – small-talk to make your target feel comfortable
  • Discovery – at this point, you are trying to find out how your product will benefit this specific person
  • Close – by the time you get here, you and your target are buddies. You know exactly how your product or service fits into their life and they feel like you are doing them a huge favor.

For some reason, marketers in social media just keep trying to close the sale, skipping all the important steps necessary before that. This may still work with email marketing (maybe), but it does not work in social media. These are real people you’re talking to and if you don’t treat them as such, you will never succeed.

You have to put the work in if you want this to work for you. This means being real and genuine. Trying to be a part of the community for the purpose of making money won’t work. You have to just be a part of the community. With the web heading towards real-time, it’s all too easy to spot a fake and I or someone else will point you out. If you’re not here to provide value to the community, you may as well pack your things and move along.

Oh, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out…

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Did You Get Caught Trying to Boost Your Follower Count?

punkdTwitter is gaining popularity, attracting people of all types. They talked about Twitter on The View. George Stephanopoulos interviewed twitterviewed John McCain. P. Diddy has jumped in with both feet, keeping us updated and motivated (Let’s Go!!!). As always, with great power comes great responsibility…wait…I mean when a social service’s numbers blow up, most of them are probably just spammers and other types of marketers.

There is nothing wrong with marketing in social media. It’s a good place to establish your brand and make connections. The problems arise when the marketers start Doing It Wrong(tm). It’s almost disrespectful. Maybe I’m just sensitive.

Twitter Isn’t a Mailing List

We could go back and forth on this point all day long, but you’d still be wrong. Twitter is not your own personal mailing list. Let me restrict the parameters to make this more clear:

  • A standard network or Internet marketer sets up a mailing list attached to some kind of auto-responder.
  • The auto-responder is stuffed with a bunch of emails scheduled to fire off at specified intervals.
  • The goal here is to move your target to action without you lifting a finger.

Problem with that is, when someone subscribes to your mailing list, they usually expect this will be the case. When someone follows you on Twitter, they expect to see you updating your status. Not pitching them on your product.

The proliferation of services that will schedule tweets and shoot out automated messages to Twitter just illustrates my point here. We all know how I feel about social media automation.

Your Followers Aren’t Following You

Many network marketers and “small-business” owners have purchased leads before. The selling point on these always mentions something like “pre-qualified” or “targetted.” Anything that makes you think the the people on these lists are interested in what you have.

Once you start contacting these leads, you quickly realize that these people mostly want nothing to do with you. They were probably careless with their email address, or filled out some survey where one of the questions asked them if they had an interest in making money from home. Who doesn’t want to make money from home?

There are a bunch of services popping up which allow you to build your followers list automatically. Now, anyone can have thousands of followers without investing any time in Twitter at all. All they have to do is signup or opt-in and all the other people that have signed up and opted-in follow you just as you follow them.

Am I the only one that sees a pattern here? Nobody who signs up for these follower-generation services cares what you have to say. They don’t want to buy your crap or join your business. Just like you, they’re trying to get a bunch of followers on their “list” so that they can pitch their crap.

You Just Got Punk’d

So, you’ve signed up with this service, probably given up your Twitter credentials and the whole nine, and the only connections you’re going to make are with people who want to sell you something. Not only that, guess who makes out like a bandit? The service you signed up for. They played on your greed and now they have your contact info and twitter credentials. Not only that, but I bet they will turn around and sell you out to the highest bidder.

You might as well start looking around for Ashton, cuz you have definitely been had. Is that a camera hidden in the corner there?

There are people who just don’t know any better. They just wanted a bunch of followers because that’s supposed to be the thing to do in social media. It’s supposed to increase your status and make you somebody. Well, it doesn’t and I’m sorry you were misinformed.

For you marketer-types, you need to step your game up and start doing things the right way. If you’re going to be lazy about it and try to take shortcuts, you may as well quit now. You’ll never last. Also, you won’t make any money.

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Top SEO Tips That Worked For Me

Image by danardvincente via Flickr
Image by danardvincente via Flickr

Let me start of by ensuring you that I am no expert on Search Engine Optimization or SEO as they like to call it. I’m just a guy who started blogging and realized I needed to find a way to get more web site traffic. Not really sure how I came to that decision, but I was pretty sure I wasn’t about to pay for search engine optimization consulting. So, here are the things that worked for me.

Use Your Words

If you’ve done any research on SEO, you’ve heard the term “keywords”. Personally, this is one of the words that makes me nauseous because it’s used so much. These are supposed to be the search terms that you want to be ranked in Google for. It helps if you know ahead of time what your SEO strategy is and many search engine optimization companies may be able to handle that for you.

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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore My Ads

Contextual advertising
Image by mirkoshanghai via Flickr

You may have noticed the ad block in the sidebar here. I think that has been pretty consistent since the beginning. What you may not realize is that all the ads on my site are actual endorsements. Wait…let’s back up…

On most blogs, you will probably find contextual advertising. Blocks of advertising that try to market things to you based on what the blogger has written about. The blogger makes money when people click these advertisements. The amount of traffic they bring to their blog has a direct effect on how much income they can generate.

I started to go with this standard approach, but something bothered me. I think of my blog as an extension of myself. I don’t like to promote or advertise people or companies or anything that I don’t actually believe in (at least a little, anyway). So, I ripped out the ads I had and started thinking of other ways to monetize my blog. I have to pay for it somehow, right?

What I ended up doing was selecting a few things that I actually benefit from. These are products and services that I use to increase the quality of my life. You may see programs I use to make money, products I use for my health and nutrition, and stuff that I just think is cool.

In any case, you can think of the advertising here as me giving you a direct referral. Don’t even think of them as ads. Let’s look at them as little windows into my life in addition to what you can learn from the actual content I write.

So, shake of the ad-blindness. I have taken time to promote things that have been useful to me, because I figure you may benefit as well. This is not a demand, just a little heads-up.

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How To Run a Contest On Your Blog

Refracted Moments

One of the best things you can do to drive traffic to your blog is to run a contest. I recently came across a blog doing just that with some awesome prizes. Visit the site and enter the contest here.

How Does A Contest Get Me Traffic?

Well, don’t you like to win stuff? Of course you do. Everyone does. If people find out that you’re giving away random crap on your blog, they will be all over it. It’s even more attractive when they don’t have to deviate from their normal routine.

Viral Marketing

There is also a viral aspect to running a contest. You basically set up a points system where the contestants earn points for doing things to help your blog. A few examples of what may earn them points:

  • Subscribing to your blog
  • Adding to Technorati Favorites
  • Linking back to your blog
  • Add to MyBlogLog / BlogCatalog

You engineer the contest so that the participants are promoting for you in order to win. They subscribe, favorite and link your blog. In doing so, they have just alerted everyone they know that your blog has something going on. Viral stuff is awesome.

Where Do The Prizes Come From?

More than likely, this is going to require you to get together with all those awesome people you’ve met in the course of providing valuable content and input in your niche. All those people that you have had interesting and thought-provoking discussions with using various social media tools. Most people refer to this cooperation as a Joint Venture.

For example, the blog contest in question here offers premium WordPress Themes, unique visitor traffic, and an E-Book (just to name a few). Obviously, the prizes were not all created by the blogger running the contest. In providing the prizes for the contest, the others involved are getting some advertising and traffic as well.

Go Sign Up Now!

In conclusion (that sounds so corny), run off to TechSuave and get in on this contest. pay attention to what prizes are offered and what you have to do to win them. Try to think of what you could offer if you ran your own contest. Also, think about the best things to incorporate into the contest rules in order for you to get the greatest benefit.

Are you an Aspiring Blogger? – Win Prizes worth $1000 and more

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Make Sure Your Tweeps Know What The Bizness Is

I noticed I get a lot of Twitter updates regarding bloggers publishing new blog posts, so I figured there must be a WP pluging to do so. A quick search turned up Twitter Updater:

The Twitter Updater automatically sends a Twitter status update to your Twitter account when you create, publish, or edit your WordPress post. You can specify the text for the updates, and also have the option to turn the auto update on/off for the different post actions in the admin panel.

Follow the directions in the post and enter your Twitter username and password under ‘Manage->Twitter Updater’ in your admin panel. You will probably want to turn off updates for “New Post Created” and “New Post Edited” because those could result in some noise if you change your mind.

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